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Ag-Rain Irrigation Travelers  are a versatile solution to your ag irrigaiton, turf irrigation, or waste water land applications. Engine drive models are ideal for gray water applications.  Ag-Rain travelers come in a wide variety of lengths and tube diameters to fit your needs.

Our irrigation machines retract using either a highly efficient water-powered turbine (T Models) which utilizes the water pressure to retract the gun or for low-pressure applications or situations where solids are present in the water, gas-powered Engine Drive (E Models) are also available.

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Ag-Rain Irrigaiton Applications

Find out which uses are best suited for the Ag-Rain series.


Choose by Area Covered

Ag-Rain Water-Reels can irrigate from 2.8 to 11.6 acres per run and can cover a field over a quarter mile long. Click on the button below to learn more.

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Choose by Chassis Size & Tube Size

Depending on the projects you have at hand, you may want to pick the right chassis and tube length and diameter for your space first. Click on the button below to learn more.

Size and Length of Chassis and tube size

Choose Your Model by Chassis Size or Tube Length & Diameter

Below is a chart of the chassis sizes and tube diameters and lengths for the Ag-Rain Series. Contact us for more info.

Click on the tube diameter & length graphics to get more information on specific models.



Chassis Size

Tube Diameter & Length


2.5” x 750’   


st3 Ag-Rain Water-Reels size


3.0” x 660’   


2.7” x 980’                                                                   



st4 ag-rain size for field irrigation

3.0” x 980’   


st 5 ag-rain size for crop irrigation


3.7” x 1080’        


3.3” x 1120’

3.0” x 1200’




st6 size ag-rain for irrigating crops


3.7” x 1220’


4.0” x 1250’




st7 ag-rain size for field irrigation


4.0” x 1320’


4.5” x 1150’



MF3  mf3 ag-rain size  4.1” x 1476’

4.5” x 1250’

Below is a list of our models with information about spaces covered by our Ag-Rain series. Be sure to contact us for more information.

Select a model number below for more detailed product information.

Model Tube Inner Diameter x Length Irrigated Width Irrigated Length Irrigated Acres
Per Run
Drive System GPM Range Inlet PSI Range Booster Pump Options
T25x750 2.5"x750'  154'-207' 831'-857'  2.9-4.1 Turbine 74-177 72-141 Available
T27x980 2.7"x980' 154'-203' 1057'-1082' 3.7-5.0 Turbine* 74-152 71-128 Available
T30x660 3.0"x660' 186'-253' 753'-787' 3.2-4.6 Turbine* 125-330 72-140 Available
T30x980 3.0"x980' 172'-243' 1066'-1101' 4.2-6.2 Turbine* 100-275 71-144 Available
T30x1200 3.0"x1200' 186'-232' 1293'-1316' 5.5-7.0 Turbine* 125-240 81-150 Available
T33x1120 3.3"x1120' 200'-252' 1220'-1247' 5.6-7.3 Turbine* 165-330 81-144 Available
T37x1080 3.7"x1080' 200'-266' 1180'-1213' 5.4-7.4 Turbine* 165-415 71-143 Available
T37x1220 3.7"x1220' 210'-266' 1325'-1353' 6.4-8.3 Turbine* 205-415 79-151 N/A
T40x1250 4.0"x1250' 228'-305' 1364'-1404' 7.1-9.9 Turbine* 230-535 77-164 N/A
T40x1320 4.0"x1320' 228'-298' 1434'-1469' 7.5-10.0 Turbine* 230-480 78-150 N/A
T45x1150 4.5"x1150' 233'-321' 1267'-1310' 6.8-9.7 Turbine* 277-695 73-148 N/A
T41x1476** 4.1"x1476' 228'-299' 1590'-1625' 8.3-11.2 Turbine* 230-539 77-154 N/A
T45x1250** 4.5"x1250' 233'-321' 1367'-1410' 7.3-10.4 Turbine* 233-695 74-153 N/A

* These models are also available in engine drive.
** These models are available for special order.

NOTE: All irrigated widths and lengths are based on 70% of actual wetted dimensions and may vary due to wind conditions and sprinkler specifications. Turbine drive pressure loss of 10 psi has been included in all performance calculations.

Irrigation Applications

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agriculture and turf irrigation
  • Ideal for irregularly shaped fields
  • Portability allows you to cost effectively irrigate multiple locations
  • Perfect for sod farms and hay
crop irrigation
  • Flexibility to apply water at various depths based on individual crop requirements
  • Provides insurance against extended periods of dry weather
vegetable and produce, irrigating crops
  • Increases yields on row crops, vegetables and produce by applying water on demand
  • Ideal for fields where center pivots are not feasible
watering horse arenas or polo fields
  • A perfect solution for Polo Fields - no sprinkler heads to worry about and portability to irrigate multiple locations.
slurry disposal methods
  • Provides a simple, effective and low-cost alternative to traditional slurry disposal methods
  • Avoids excessive soil compaction problems associated with tank wagon and drag lines
  • Can be operated by one person
wastewater disposal
  • Engine drive allows for higher retraction speeds for wastewater applications that require a lower application rate
  • Applies water or liquid waste with superior uniformity as compared to stationary gun systems