Water-Reel Irrigation Applications

Where are irrigation travelers used?  That's a good question with a lot of answers!  Over the years, our market has extended way beyond our founders' vision of crop irrigation for fields where a pivot just didn't make sense.   Today, Water-Reel hard hose travelers are used for sports field irrigation and synthetic or clay playing turf watering, rinsing & cooling, equestrian facilities for dust control in arenas and irrigating your pastures and paddocks, farm and crop irrigation, commercial irrigation and much more.  Over the past 50 plus years we have expanded our pump lineup and lead the way in innovational designs, drive systems, etc., expanding us into markets such as waste water redistribution, treatment plant bio solid programs, reclamation and regrowth on jobsites and much more.  Choose from the applications below to learn more about how the Kifco Water-Reel can save you time and money.


Select one of the application categories or subcategories below to learn more: