Water-Reel Sprinklers and Accessories

Water-Reel sprinklers, sprinkler heads irrigating a sports field

We have a number of sprinkler heads to choose from which provide a wide range of coverage for your field. These are the best sprinkler heads on the market and they are 100% compatible with Kifco Water-Reels, minimizing the headaches of dealing with inferior sprinklers.

Part of what makes a Kifco Water-Reel cover so much land in a single pass is the sprinkler technology at the end of the hose. Our system is an easy set and go system, but if your sprinkler is not working properly, your irrigation will be unsuccessful.





      Sime Sprinklers          Nelson Big Gun Sprinkler          Komet Sprinklers 

Kifco also provides the best hose clamps available, ensuring that your sprinkler will connect perfectly with the hose of your traveller. These will eliminate leaks and keep your Kifco traveling irrigation system working at maximum efficiency.


       Hose Clamps