Model AV-ST3

Avi-FoamGuard Model AV-ST3


Technical Specifications:

Tube Inner Diameter/Length:
3.0" I.D. x 660'
GPM Range (Water)
170 gpm
GPM Range (Foam Concentrate)
1.70 gpm
Drive System:
Gas Engine
Skid Mounted with hook points and fork pockets
Booster Pump:
37Hp Booster Pump
Injection Pump:
Dual foam concentrate injection pump
Foam Generator(s):
Dual high-expansion foam generator
Suction Hose:
3" x 30'
Cart Mounted Spumifer:
For hand held operation at the Foam Cart or attaching to inlets at the reel
Lay-Flat Hose:
Quantity 2, 2" x 50' recommended when purchasingSpumifer
Trailer: Trailer Mounted Option available for AV-ST3




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