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Kifco water-reels show portable irrigation capabilities for crop irrigation.

Water Reels

Kifco Water-Reels® are the premier hard hose travelers in the irrigation industry. Water-Reels are used around the world for portable irrigation, dust suppression, leaching, & de-watering. Our engine drive units are ideal for redistributing wastewater with up to 3% solids. Whether you need to irrigate a one-half acre of land or one thousand acres, Kifco has the Water-Reel for you.

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What do you need to water?

Whether you need to irrigate your sports fields, water your horse arena, irrigate your pastures & paddocks, or you are looking for an alternative to a stationary pivot system to irrigate your crops, Kifco has the irrigation reel for you. Water-Reels® are the premier hard hose travelers in the irrigation industry. Other irrigation applications that prefer our travelling sprinkler reels include residential landscapes, municipalities and parks, irrigating hobby farms and uniform distribution of waste water. Whether you need to irrigate a half an acre or one thousand acres, Kifco has the Water-Reel for you. With the largest network of authorized dealers and an unmatched product support team, it's easy to see why Kifco Water-Reels are the most trusted traveling irrigation systems in the industry.

Kifco Pumps including booster pumps, primary pumps, pto pumps and slurry pumps.

Kifco Pumps

Kifco offers a wide range of pump options to accommodate our Water-Reels and maximize your traveler’s performance. Kifco's pump line up includes boosters, primaries, pto pumps and slurry. Custom built packages are also available for most applications. Our pumps are EPA emissions compliant for irrigation use. Standard models are sized to match our Water-Reels.

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Companion Pumps

Our Booster Pumps provide additional pressure when needed to maximize your traveler's performance. Our small primary pumps and medium primary pumps are air-cooled and engine driven and built to match many B-Series and Ag-Rain Reels. Custom built packages are also available for most any application. Our Slurry and Waste-Water Pumps are custom built packages that can be ordered for most any application. They are single-stage, centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals and integrated gearboxes. Our PTO Pumps are driven from your tractor's PTO shaft with maximum output of 540 to 1000 rpms. They are offered as bare pumps, mounted on a cart or 3-point frame or can be ordered fully fitted.

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Avi-FoamGuard images for protection against avian influenza, or bird flu.


Kifco Avi-FoamGuard is a vital tool in the efforts of combating and containing an outbreak of avian influenza or other diseases in floor-reared poultry. We have several models available depending on your poultry operation size and region. If you are facing an outbreak of avian influenza and would like more information on kifco units, contact us today.

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Are you prepared?

Being prepared should your poultry operation face an outbreak of avian influenza (bird flu), or other disease is crucial. Kifco Units have been a vital component in combating outbreaks of AI in floor-reared poultry across the United States and abroad. With a variety of models to choose from, you can easily find the correct Avi-FoamGuard for your poultry operation. Self retracting generator cart operation or models for complete hand-held application of foam is available. Contact Kifco today to request a quote on one of our Avi-FoamGuard models for your operation or agency. Preparedness is key in keeping an isolated outbreak from becoming a major one. Are you prepared?

About Kifco

Kifco is a family-owned manufacturing company located in Havana, IL. and is the leading provider of traveling irrigation systems. Kifco has dominated the hard-hose traveller industry since its inception with their portable irrigation system, the Water-Reel. Kifco's irrigation travellers meet the needs of most applications, including sports field irrigation, managing dust suppression on construction sites and in horse arenas and agricultural irrigation.

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"We were able to apply manure to our hay crop in early spring using Kifco, which enabled us to get into our 3rd cutting by mid-July. We could’ve never done that using tankers." -John Patterson

"The great thing about Kifco Water-Reels is that I can irrigate my hay meadows, easily move the machine a few hundred feet, and then irrigate my pastures so that my animals can graze on healthy grass and then move it back to the meadow or wherever else I need water. It’s so simple." -Everard Droemer, Giddings, TX