At Kifco, we believe our products are the highest quality, most cost effective, and most reliable irrigation solutions available. We're confident that, no matter what the application, your investment in a Kifco Water-Reel will save you time and money. But don't just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say...


“We were able to apply manure to our hay crop in early spring using Kifco, which enabled us to get into our 3rd cutting by mid-July. We could’ve never done that using tankers. Next year on our corn we plan to use Kifco with a boom so we can apply right up to the property line and roadway, which will increase our yield substantially and reduce fertilizer costs. We’ll also be able to apply within inches of the soil, which will greatly reduce odors."

- John Patterson


“We have two Kifco Water-Reels that are over 15 years old and are still in excellent working order. We use them on a regular basis to water our baseball & softball fields. About 1 ½ years ago we purchased the E200SST for our lacrosse and field hockey artificial field. We water this field before every game which takes less than 30 minutes! The lacrosse field has a sticky turf. Watering before the game makes the turf more forgiving with quicker movement. It makes the field safer for our players. Not only does it make the field safer for our hockey players but it also allows the ball to roll a lot smoother which the players love. These machines are a great asset to our sports fields and they stand the test of time!”

- Jared Rudy, Grounds Manager, Messiah College


“My brother and I have used Kifco Ag-Rain machines on our farm and ranch properties for years, and can’t say enough about how well they have performed. I use a T 23x720 to irrigate 25 acres of pastures and paddocks for my horses and livestock, and last year I bought a T 30x980 for my hay meadows. My brother Ted pumps water directly from his well to his T 27x980 machine to irrigate his pastures. The great thing about Kifco Water-Reels is that I can irrigate my hay meadows, easily move the machine a few hundred feet, and then irrigate my pastures so that my animals can graze on healthy grass and then move it back to the meadow or wherever else I need water. It’s so simple. After watering my hay I can quickly and easily get them off the field when its time to cut- there are no heavy machines or pipes to move back and forth like there are with other systems. Water-Reels are also very affordable as compared to other systems because I can use it for so many fields and for a variety of purposes. On top of everything else, when consider how well these machines are made, it makes Kifco Water-Reels the natural choice for my irrigation needs. We are very satisfied Kifco customers.”

- Everard Droemer, Giddings, TX


When I was having problems with my B140 I called upon the product support team at Kifco. The service I received was second to none. Their customer service deeply impressed me. Because of their efforts, as I buy more land and need additional irrigation, I will always turn to Kifco. They truly are the “Most Trusted Name in Water-Reels.”

- Jim Morgan, Plainfield, WI