Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the common questions below to learn more about Kifco Water-Reels. You can also contact us directly with any questions you have.

How do Kifco Water-Reels work?

Kifco Water-Reels are a portable form of traveling irrigation powered by water (or optional engine) for simple, flexible use on multiple fields.

Just park your Water-Reel at one end of your field, pull the gun cart (sprinkler) to the other end of the field, turn your water on and the machine pulls (retracts) the cart back along the irrigated path.


Do I have to be there when the machine finishes its run?

No. All Kifco Water-Reels have an automatic shut down which stops the retraction at the end of a run. All B-Series models also have a sprinkler shutoff which allows the user to either turns the sprinkler off or allows the sprinkler to continue running at the end of a run. All Ag-Rain machines offer the water shut off as an optional feature.

See Related Troubleshooting Steps.


Can I pull the gun cart out by hand?

No. A small tractor, farm tractor or utility vehicle is needed.


How fast can I run the machine or how many irrigation runs can I make per day?

All Kifco Water-Reels have easy to change adjustments that regulate the time it takes the machine to make a complete irrigation run. The operator will adjust the speed to place the desired amount of water on the area to be irrigated. The time it takes to retract will depend upon the speed setting and the irrigated length of the run desired.

See Ag-Rain and B-Series Performance Information.


What sort of water source do I need for my Water-Reel?

Kifco Water-Reels operate on a wide variety of water sources ranging from a ¾ inch hydrant in your yard or arena up to a 6 inch or larger supply line. The Kifco E110 can be operated down to 3 gallons per minute.

Ag-Rain models can accept up to 695 gpm. The greater the flow (gpm) you provide your Water-Reel the better it will perform.


How much pressure do I need?

The Kifco E 110 can operate on as little as 23 psi, but B-Series Water-Reels generally require 50 psi to 150 psi depending on desired application width. Ag-Rain Water-Reels generally require 75 psi to 150 psi depending on desired application width.


Is a pump included with the machine?

No. Kifco Water-Reels do not come standard with a primary pump nor a booster pump. Gas-powered booster pumps provide a "boost" in pressure at the machine of 35 to 110 additional psi to improve performance and are an optional addition for most Kifco models.

Kifco also offers primary pumps mounted directly to your Water-Reel or skid-mounted to allow irrigation directly from a pond stream or irrigation canal. A line of PTO Pumps which are either flange, trailer or 3-point hitch mounted are also available.


Can I use water from my pond or creek to run the Water-Reel?

Yes. Many Kifco Water-Reels are currently being operated using water from lakes, ponds, and streams. A screen to keep large foreign objects from entering the pump and possibly the machines drive mechanism is recommended.


Does my Water-Reel come with a supply hose and what connections are needed to connect the machine to my water supply?

B-Series Water-Reels come standard with a 15’ supply hose (1 ½” or 2” diameter) and either 1 ½” or 2” male pipe thread connections.

Ag-Rain machines come standard with a 30’ supply hose (3” or 4” diameter) and an irrigation type 4” male circle lock (or ring lock) fitting with the ring lock band. Our dealers are equipped and ready to help make that connection to your water supply.


Are Water-Reels portable and can the machine be moved by hand or do I need a tractor to move the machine?

All Water-Reels are portable and can be moved from field to field. B-Series units can be moved from location to location by hand or with the use of a small garden tractor or mower. The Ag-Rain machines require a farm tractor to move the unit (50hp to 150hp).


What is the life expectancy of my Water-Reel?

We have Water-Reels in use that are 20+ years old. As with any machinery with moving parts, things wear out, but Kifco prides itself on using only the highest quality components and has for over 40 years maintained the largest and most readily available inventory of repair parts in the industry.

See the Kifco Warranty.


Where are your machines made?

All Kifco B-Series Water Reels are fabricated and assembled in Havana, Illinois, USA. Ag-Rain units are fabricated according to Kifco specifications in Italy and partially assembled in Havana, Illinois, USA.


Do I need to drain all the water out of my machine before freezing temperatures arrive?

All parts of the machine that need to be drained are easily drained by the use of factory installed drain plugs. The polyethylene tube can freeze and thaw with no damage, and we do not recommend that this tube be drained. Removal of the supply hose from the Water-Reel entry is a requirement to drain the unit which allows the reel axle to drain.


Can the machine irrigate in a curved path?

Yes. Some contour application can be obtained but the first 33% or so of the tube length must always be pulled out straight from the machine, after that a modest radius can be maintained.


What size units are available to apply animal slurry waste?

Kifco has Engine Drive Water-Reels capable of delivering slurry water to your application site from 1.8” inside diameter to 4.5” inside diameter and lengths of 320’ to 1575’, with flow rates of 25 to 700 gallons per minute.

See more on Slurry Waste Disposal.


Do you have readily available machine and parts inventories?

Yes. Kifco and our dealers carry an extensive stock of machines for your irrigation needs. We also stock over 3,000 spare parts. After 40 years in business, there are a lot of Kifco-made machines that we are dedicated to providing parts for.


Are local sales and service available for my Water-Reel?

The largest dealer network in the industry is the backbone of our sales department with dealers in nearly every state plus Canada, Mexico, and parts of the Caribbean.

Find a Dealer.


Are your dealers factory-trained?

Kifco prides itself in the most extensive network of trained and proven dealers, many of whom have been in the Kifco family of dealers for decades. A comprehensive onsite and ongoing training program is conducted for continued updating and refreshing of our dealers knowledge.


Where can I see a machine in operation?

A call to your local dealer will usually find a working Kifco Water-Reel in your area, and on very many occasions an on site demonstration is available. Find a Dealer.