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Turf | Winter Watering

Turf | Winter Watering

Winter Watering - How to Save Your Turf From a Long, Dry Winter 

What's That, Phil?

So, Phil says six more weeks of winter; which likely means, six more weeks of dry, dying turf.  Luckily, Kifco has an easy solution to save your turf from suffering root damage, prolonged reflected heat with little to no moisture, or even mite damage.  Water-Reels are used around the world to irrigate golf courses and  other large turf areas. Kifco's traveling irrigation systems are also ideal for supplemental irrigation in hard to reach places or in situations where irrigation is not needed year round.   The best part is, winterizing a water-reel is as simple as opening a couple drain valves. 


According to a fact sheet published by Colorado State University, you should water turf in the fall and winter months only when air temperatures are above 40 degrees F. Water should be applied mid-day so it will have time to soak in before possible freezing at night. 


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How Do Water-Reels Work?

Utilizing a municipal water source, simply connect the Kifco Water-Reel to the water supply and pull out the sprinkler cart.  After a few simple steps, you can begin watering.  Water-Reels operate unattended and shut down automatically at the end of their run.  Once an irrigation run is complete, simply move the traveler to the next area you wish to irrigate or store it away.  No in-ground sprinkler systems to mess with, maintain, or winterize.  


Which Water-Reel Do I Choose to Irrigate My Turf?

Choosing the best Water-Reel for your turf has never been easier.  Kifco offers a wide variety of drive systems and tube lengths to fit most any application imaginable.  Kifco's design software, Reel-Design, allows are dealers to provide customers with a complete irrigation design of the actual turf area they are wanting to irrigate, bill of materials and quote with it's Reel-Design software.  Reel-Design takes the guess work out of choosing your reel and provides you with a clear picture of how a Water-Reel can help you quickly and efficiently recover damaged turf from a long dry winter.  Contact us today for more information!  


Featured Water-Reel for Golf Course Irrigation

The E200L is a popular choice by turf maintenance personnel.  The E200L utilizes a 4 Hp gas engine drive system which consumes zero pressure and can operate at extremely high or low speeds, depending on the amount of water you want to put down.  Below is summary of specifications on Kifco's featured model.  For a full list of information on the E200L Water-Reel, click here.  

E200L Technical Specifications
Drive System                                             Engine                             e200l
Tube Inner Diameter/Length 1.9" x 580'
Maximum Irrigated Width 110' - 211'
Maximum Irrigated Length 635'-686'
GPM Range 28 - 115
Inlet PSI Range 50 - 139
Depth of Application .30" - 1.6"


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