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Kifco Water-Reels benefit wastewater treatment plant program

What is wastewater? Commonly known as sewage, wastewater is the water that goes down the drain from sinks, bathtubs, floor drains & toilets into city sewage systems. Wastewater includes pollutants such as human waste, food scraps, oil, soap, and chemicals that are conveyed via a sewage pipe to wastewater or sewer collection system located in the ground, typically under roads. Nature has a process of treating pollutants in the water, but the amount generated by city large populations would ove...
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Sugarcane Irrigation with Kifco Water-Reels

Early this spring, Kifco and local dealer provided container delivery, assembly and training of 6 Model T40x1250 Ag-Rain Water-Reels, pumps & required fittings to a sugarcane operation in El Salvador. The project consists of 600 acres of sugarcane on a cooperative farm near the town of Usulutan, about 1.5 hours east of the capital San Salvador.
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Maintaining Your Horse Arenas

While preparing this post, I did a search of the different options available to horse owners for maintaining the footing in riding arenas. There are many different types of footing materials available, some that do not require as much water as others.  But, what I also discovered in that research was that those types of footing materials most always needed to be replaced or replenished yearly averaging the same cost YEARLY as a one-time investment of a Kifco Water-Reel.  And it was only enough m...
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Welcome - Kifco's History

Welcome to Kifco's Blog!  Our hopes with this blog is to keep our dealers and customers up to date with our latest product information, help supply you with troubleshooting tools for your equipment and share stories from the field.   We'll start our blog with a little history on how Kifco started and continues to be a successful American Manufacturing company today. 
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