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Kifco Water-Reels benefit wastewater treatment plant program

What is wastewater?  Commonly known as sewage, wastewater is the water that goes down the drain from sinks, bathtubs, floor drains & toilets into city sewage systems.  Wastewater includes pollutants such as human waste, food scraps, oil, soap, and chemicals that are conveyed via a sewage pipe to wastewater or sewer collection system located in the ground, typically under roads.  Nature has a process of treating pollutants in the water, but the amount generated by city large populations would overwhelm the natural treatment process.  The wastewater treatment process is an accelerated form of the natural treatment process that can clean millions of gallons of water a day.  Wastewater treatment reduces the pollutants in the water, resulting in water that is reusable and beneficial to the environment.  Transferring that reusable water to crops and irrigating other land applications is where Kifco Water-Reels come into play.  Many treatment plants design their bio-solids program with farmers within the community and the effluent waste water is trucked to the fields for land application.


Applying biosolids to growing crops via Kifco Water-Reels

Applying biosolids to growing crops via tanker, tractor, pto pump & Kifco Ag-Rain Water-Reel


As featured in the February 2014 issue of TPO Magazine, what lead to an award winning program for the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Moberly, Mo. was the decision to locate it next to a 150 acre parcel the city bought so it could apply bio-solids on its own property.  Farmland next to the treatment plant was part of the recipe that made them the winner of the Bio-solids Management Award in the small facility category at the annual conference of the Missouri Water Environment Association.  The 150 acre parcel, 84 of which are actually in the plants land application program is culitivated & and the city profits by leasing it to a local farmer who rotates corn, soybeans & other cash crops.  The remaining acreage is forested and offers area for bio-solids application during harvest periods.  The newly established program offers further cost savings because it eliminated the need for hauling & soil testing at private farms.  Read the full featured story in the February 2014 issue of TPO Magazine here:  February 2014.

A Kifco Water-Reel and slurry pump is used by the Moberly Wastewater Treatment Plant to distribute the bio-solids.  Watch the Water-Reel in action in this video from TPO Magazine:

The City of Fayetteville, AR recently purchased four Kifco Ag-Rain T41x1250 Water-Reels® for its Bio-solid Management Site. The 670 acre nutrient water reuse site is supplied by the Noland Wastewater Treatment Plant adjacent to the Midland Bermuda production area. The plant mitigates up to 12.6 million gallons of effluent water per day to be reused on the growing crops. Midland Bermuda production area produces 230 tons of forage grass per year that is sold to local residents & farmers. The Kifco Water-Reels are ideal for the re-use of nutrient water and greatly reduce compaction. The Water-Reels for this project were equipped with the optional hydraulic turntable, hydraulic jack and 5 wheel gun cart to decrease operating cost. Kifco’s authorized dealer, Fiser Kubota/ Homestead Tractor of Russellville, AR scheduled delivery in coordination with the mitigation process and the growing season.


Kifco Water-Reels in Fayetteville, AR

Ag-Rain Water-Reels on sight in Fayetteville, AR


Kifco has a full line of Ag-Rain Water-Reels on inventory and ready to ship. For information on how your treatment plant or farm can benefit by efficiently reusing wastewater for crop irrigation, find a dealer near you or give us a call today at 1-800-452-7017.





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