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Kifco, Inc. Donates New E100 to Local Non-Profit

Kifco, Inc. Donates New E100 to Local Non-Profit



Kifco, Inc., a manufacturer of portable irrigation equipment, recently launched the all new E100 Water-Reel®.  The new E100 is specifically designed to be a stationary unit to water horse arenas, pastures or paddocks but can also be used in large gardens, small vineyards, orchards or small areas that require repetitive irrigation from a stationary unit (more information on the E100 below).  

“Once the new E100 was produced and tested, we wanted to find a local non-profit organization to donate the Water-Reel to,” said Allen Mitchel, CEO of Kifco.   Sales & Marketing Manager, Ledena Clark, set out to find such an organization and came across Central Illinois Riding Therapy’s (CIRT) facebook page.  “I reached out to Jenna Walker, Program Manager & Instructor at CIRT and learned they were hand-watering their arenas with a garden hose and thought this would be the perfect organization to make the donation to”, said Ledena.  

Kifco recently delivered the E100 to CIRT and went over set-up and operation instructions with some of the staff.  CIRT has been thrilled to have the donated Water-Reel at their facility.  “CIRT employees were previously spending a lot of time hand watering our arenas,” said Jenna Walker, Program Director & Instructor at CIRT.  “With the E100 we can set it and walk away, allowing us to be more efficient in not only watering the arenas, but also in completing other tasks while the arenas are being watered.  When employees were hand watering, some areas were wetter than others.  The E100 is a nice consistent spray and our arenas are more evenly watered.” 

Janet Allen, Barn Manager at CIRT added, “We love that we can set the amount of time to water, the pattern, and the range of spray to water different size arenas.”

About Kifco: Since its founding in 1964 in Havana, IL, Kifco has taken great pride in designing, developing and delivering a comprehensive line of customer-focused traveling irrigation systems, trademarked the Water-Reel®.  Kifco products are sold and serviced by a network of authorized independent Kifco Dealers across North America and abroad.  For more information and to see their full line of Water-Reels®, visit them at

About CIRT: Central Illinois Riding Therapy (CIRT) is a non-profit organization serving children, youth, adults and veterans with mental, physical, emotional and behavioural disabilities from Tazewell and surrounding counties, in a comprehensive recreational and therapeutic horseback riding program.  Their mission is to promote the well-being of persons with disabilities through the provisions of horseback riding and other related activities within a safe and enjoyable atmosphere designed by professionals and implemented primarily by volunteers.  For more information, visit them at  


E100 Technical Information

Tube Inner Diameter/Length: .89"x180'

Irrigated Width: 58 - 86'

Irrigated Length: 209 - 223'

Irrigated Area Per Run (Acres): 0.28 - 0.44

Drive System: Electric 110V (Learn More)

GPM Range: 3 - 12

Inlet PSI Range: 23 - 73

Hours Per Full Run: 1.1 - 6.0

Sprinkler Included: Sime Silver

Click Here to download full specification sheet for Kifco Model E100




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