Ag-Rain Water-Reel Project for Beef Operation in Costa Rica

Earlier this year Kifco provided container delivery, assembly and training of 3 Ag-Rain Water-Reels, pumps & required fittings to the Hacienda Sur (, a high quality beef production operation in Costa Rica.  The pipe for the main line was included in Kifco's design of the project and was purchased locally.  

Installation of the main water lineinstall main line 2

Installation of main water line pictured above.

Kifco's Sales Representative, Jan Buekema was present for the installation of the system and provided on-site training to the customer once the project was complete.  

Hacienda Sur sees it as its mission to develop a Costa Rican cattle industry known for exceptionally high quality and unique pieces of meat. Much of its stock is brangus, a genetic mixture of both breeds that Hacienda Sur hope to cross with the legendary Japanese wagyū from which comes the renowned Kobe beef. 

They are also looking for the  perfect combination of grasses and legumes for their cows and are experimenting with African grasses such as brachiaria and other species and the legumes that can coexist with these tall, fast-growing grasses. 

image of man installing the ag-rain water-reels

Connecting the flexible suction line shown above.

The Ag-Rains in fact irrigate two farms. The Hacienda Sur ranch in Parrita close to the resort town of Jaco is an oasis amid monoculture like oil palms and bananas and will be a non-profit research center. The other Palmira farm is in the North. Kifco supplied the design and materials for both farms including pumps, suctions, discharges, fittings and accessories.

image of portable irrigation systems in Costa Rica

Flexible discharge and suction connection allow for removal of the pump & engine during the rainy season.

Kifco’s portable irrigation systems provide water on demand and then can be easily moved and stored when not in use.

Ag-Rain Water-Reel being moved into position for the first irrigation run.  





Ag-Rain Water-Reel being moved into position for the first irrigation run.  





For more information on irrigation projects with Kifco Water-Reels, e-mail us today at or contact Kifco's Latin American Sales Representative, Jan Beukema.

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