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aboutagrain2Kifco Water-Reels are the most innovative option on the market for field, crop and park irrigation. Utilizing a simple set and go system, Water-Reels make it easy to irrigate acres in a single pass.

Kifco Water-Reels are the premier hard hose traveler in the irrigation industry. Our Water-Reels are the ultimate form of portable irrigation and can irrigate your pasture, sports field, crops or horse arena and easily move from one location to another. Kifco offers a comprehensive line of travelers that irrigate areas as large as a ½ Section (80 acres) per week and as small as a 1 acre yard or an indoor riding arena in a single run. Kifco Water-Reels offer portable irrigation for any permanent or temporary irrigation need.

What's the Difference?

Our B-Series Water-Reels are designed for smaller applications (1 – 15 acres) where more costly and less flexible in ground systems would traditionally be used. Ag-Rain Water-Reels act as on demand irrigation for large or small pastures, vegetable plots or other cash crops.


B-Series Applications:


Ag-Rain Applications:

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Kifco also provides water and slurry pumps, small irrigation pumps and a full line of applicable sprinklers and clamps.

To learn more about Water-Reels, please see our About Water-Reels page. To learn more about the different models, please choose from the options below. You can also read more about various applications on the applications page.

Of course, you can always contact us with any questions you may have and we will be happy to answer them for you and provide you with any literature or information you are interested it.

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