Bale Spears

Weiss Master by Kifco offer several bale spear models that are specifically designed for moving and stacking large round bales. From attaching to the front of your tractor or skid steer or to your 3 pt. hitch, Kifco has a round bale spear to fit your needs.  Click on the model images below for more specification or see Weiss Master Bale Forks and Grapples for attachments that handle both round and square bales.    

3-Pt. Mount Bale Spear Attachment


Strong, reliable Round Bale Spear moves a single large round hay bale at a time

Hay bale attachment is built to mount to your tractor's 3 Pt. Hitch - 

No additional mount needed  

                                                                        Link to additional 3 Pt. Bale Fork Model

Bale Spear for Tractor or Skidsteer


Strong, reliable Round Bale Spear Attachment 

Mounting options available to fit most any tractor or skid steer  


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