Grapple Bucket Kits

Technical Specifications:

Mounting Options

This bucket grapple kits include the plate needed to attach to your bucket.   No additional mount required. 

Available in Standard, Heavy & Extreme Duty.  If you
need a grapple and must leave your bucket installed,
the bucket grapple may be the option for you.  These kits
come with extra long vertical & horizontal posts so the
height and angle can be adjusted before it is welded
into place.  The mounting plate has holes for bolting, or 
you can weld it directly to your bucket.  These kits are 
designed for buckets with straight backs.

Upper Tines - Standard & Heavy Duty Models
Quantity 4
Strength C1
Available Lengths


Upper Tines - Extreme Duty Model
Quantity 5
Strength C1
Available Lengths


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